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100 Days of Code - [35/100]

100 Days of Code - [35/100]

I don't have my laptop with me and I feel so lost. I tried to get things set up on a desktop that I haven't used for coding in probably years. It didn't quite work for the social ape app. Instead of going a day without coding, I decided to work on the JavaScript track on I solved the Resistor Color Duo exercise. Just waiting for feedback now. There are 90 solutions ahead of mine in the JavaScript queue and 28 ahead in the Resistor Color Duo queue.

100 Days of Code - [34/100]

I fixed the bug!These are the lines that were missing from my `postOneScream` firebase function ```if (req.body.body.trim() === "") { return res.status(400).json({ body: "Body must not be empty" }) }```There was an if statement there but it was for a more general error. In hindsight, of course the error was on the backend. It took me a minute to figure it out. 🤦🏾‍♀️

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