100 Days of Code - [42/100]

Not much coding today. I was working on setting up my web server, a new email, and a WordPress site. I'm trying to get into these WebMentions. I think I'm there now. I will be testing with this post and my twitter post about day 42. It's after 3:00am my time. Way too late to be up messing with this stuff. I will be going to bed very soon.

100 Days of Code - [41/100]

I need to keep it short again today. I finished the Intro to React Course. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I'm looking forward to Intermediate React from the same instructor.I want to start building regularly. Set a goal for a complete project daily or maybe weekly to start. It's important to learn but also to apply what is learned. Building from scratch is just different than following a tutorial. https://github.com/prophen/complete-intro-to-react-v5

100 Days of Code - [40/100]

Another day of tired coding. I don't like that I waited until the end of the day to code, but at least I got some in. I'm tired. In the Intro to React course, I added a carousel to the pet details page and added error boundary middleware. I learned about the unary plus operator `+` it turns a string into a number, awesome!

100 Days Of Code - [39/100]

Some people signed up and commented on the Social Ape app. That was fun. https://social-ape.netlify.com/I am four hours into Complete Intro to React, v5. I will finish it tomorrow for sure. I am really enjoying it and React things are clicking! This is a teaching style that works for me. I'm impressed with the small details, I feel secure about what is being taught. It doesn't feel rushed.

100 Days of Code - [38/100]

I finished the social ape app. You can find it here. https://social-ape.netlify.com I had to do things differently than they were shown on the video to get the app deployed. For one, when going though the interactive `firebase init` I needed to say no to overwriting index.html, not yes. Yes meant that Firebase inserted their default index.html. Also, there was a line of code in `store.js` for the Redux dev tools. That had to go because the site wouldn't load on any browser without the extension installed.

100 Days of Code - [37/100]

Now we can comment from the the frontend. I'm going to keep it short because I'm tired. I'm in the last 90 minutes of this course. I'm excited to finish up. My exercism.io mentor got back to me with feedback on my solution. I think I'll go ahead and refactor the code and resubmit before I go to sleep.

100 Days of Code - [36/100]

Less than two hours left of this video course. Today I added some styling, added details on the scream dialog, organized the components in folders, and added the Comments component. Gotta go to sleep. I have two calls tomorrow with potential employers 🤞🏾

100 Days of Code - [35/100]

100 Days of Code - [35/100]

I don't have my laptop with me and I feel so lost. I tried to get things set up on a desktop that I haven't used for coding in probably years. It didn't quite work for the social ape app. Instead of going a day without coding, I decided to work on the JavaScript track on exercism.io. I solved the Resistor Color Duo exercise. Just waiting for feedback now. There are 90 solutions ahead of mine in the JavaScript queue and 28 ahead in the Resistor Color Duo queue.

100 Days of Code - [34/100]

I fixed the bug!These are the lines that were missing from my `postOneScream` firebase function ```if (req.body.body.trim() === "") { return res.status(400).json({ body: "Body must not be empty" }) }```There was an if statement there but it was for a more general error. In hindsight, of course the error was on the backend. It took me a minute to figure it out. 🤦🏾‍♀️

100 Days of Code - [33/100]

I tried to fix a problem but at this point it's best to just sleep on it. It's almost 1AM. We can post screams and delete them from the client app now. It's getting good.

100 Days Of Code - [32/100]

I'm so tired! Let's keep it short for today. Added like and unlike actions to the social ape app.

100 Days of Code - [31/100]

100 Days of Code - [31/100]

I'm in the final third of this 12-hour course. I'm learning a lot. I went through a few sections today. Here are the latest features I added today:* Upload a profile picture* Update profile info* A button component with tooltips (DRY) * Nav buttons that show after the user is authenticated https://github.com/prophen/social-ape-client

Applying for Jobs - #nDaysOfJobSearch [3/n]

I didn't code today. I'm on the job search and I'm still getting everything together for that. It feels great to be taking action towards my goals every day. Here are some small wins from today: * I applied to not one, but two jobs! One of the job descriptions reads like it was written specifically for me 🤞🏾.* I wrote a draft of a forwardable email so that people in my network can share my information.* I started my Frontend Masters subscription again. I'm super excited to get back into that with my updated skills. I'm ready to learn!* I am continuing to get all kinds of support (including 💵) and guidance during my job search.

100 Days of Code - [30/100]

I'm extremely tired. I spent a lot of time traveling today. For my hour of code I'm continuing to work on the Social Ape app. Today I added the profile section.

100 Days of Code - [29/100]

Back at it with the Social Ape app. I spent so much of today at the computer not coding. I'm taking the leap and actually making an attempt to get my first tech job. I think I had just gotten used to a level of vulnerability and exposure as a founder. I don't know why looking for a job feels different, but it does.

100 Days of Code - [28/100]

Today was a lot. It was a lot in ways that had nothing to do with coding. People really stepped up and showed support for me today on Twitter. I was not sure I'd make it Raleigh, NC for All Things Open. Now I have a flight booked and a PayPal transfer on the way to the bank to help with expenses.

100 Days of Code - [26-27/100]

Today, I took the technical screen for the Twilio Hatch Apprenticeship. Yesterday, I was working on figuring out a problem all day, I didn't touch the social network project. I was coding for hours I just didn't have the energy to write about it.

100 Days of Code - [25/100]

100 Days of Code - [25/100]

Yesterday was disappointing but today made up for it. Somewhere along the line, I broke the code. I was close to giving up but also felt invested in finishing this project. I'm about halfway through the 12-hour course.

100 Days of Code - [24/100]

It's been a frustrating day of coding. I decided to go on HackerRank to familiarize myself with the platform. I have a fear of regular expressions. I worked on a couple of challenges using them. I solved one of them. Matching a string with the same vowel at the beginning and end of the string.