I learned so much building this app. I knew I wanted to apply to Twilio's Hatch Apprenticeship and I knew exactly what I wanted my app to be able to do.

I had been learning Twilio API via Twilio Quest, but there were a few things I needed to learn before I would be able to write a full-stack JavaScript app.

I chose the MERN stack. I used the Free Code Camp YouTube channel as my teacher and followed along the create an exercise tracker. I applied what I learned from building that app to build small wins. Instead of using React which would have been overkill, I used Svelte.js to write my frontend code.

The backend part was what was newest to me and where most of my time went. I started coding the app a few days before the Hatch application was due. I finished it on the due date. I say, "finished" but the app is very much in MVP stage. I have lots of ideas for how to make it better and I will continue to implement those as I learn.

This version one of the app will remain as is. I may go ahead a limit the number of wins displayed or add pagination but otherwise this version is considered done. The v2 will likely be written in React and be multiplayer mode with user accounts and different types of posts.