This was my last build week project from my last week at Lambda School. I was one of two front-end React I devs on this project. We had no senior React person. They would have been responsible for the login and signup functionality. Our job was to create a React app, write components, and fetch data from the endpoints our backend developer provided.

Those endpoints never ended up being provided, so I improvised. We hadn't gotten to backend in the curriculum yet so I didn't know how to write an API. I created my own API with sheety and used axios to bring in the data.

My share of the components to write were the All Experiences page and the Host an Experience page. I also set up the router and deployed the final app to Netlify using the CLI. We used Semantic UI for the UI component library.

This was my second build week. The first one was basically individual work that connected to the team web app. This time I had to learn to navigate working with another coder on one repository. That was interesting, but I'm glad I got to experience merge conflicts and the communication hiccups in a low stakes environment. of A-Z pages