I didn't code today. I'm on my job search and I'm still getting everything together for that. It feels great to be taking action towards my goals every day. Here are some small wins from today:

  • I applied to not one, but two jobs! One of the job descriptions reads like it was written specifically for me 🤞🏾.
  • I wrote a draft of a forwardable email so that people in my network can share my information.
  • I started my Frontend Masters subscription again. I'm super excited to get back into that with my updated skills. I'm ready to learn!
  • I am continuing to get all kinds of support (including 💵) and guidance during my job search.

I had a lot of really great moments today. I took a few seconds to attend to the joy I experienced in those moments. It's amazing to feel this good in general. I am light years away from how I felt when I was in the worst of my depressive episodes.

I'm much better at the care and handling of Nikema these days. I say 'no' to things all the time now with no guilt. When I really need help, I actually ask for it. I give myself grace when I don't get to everything I had planned to do.

Life is good. I hope I'm right about being close to a breakthrough. I've struggled for so long and I'm ready for better times and financial independence.