I finished the social ape app. You can find it here.


I had to do things differently than they were shown on the video to get the app deployed. For one, when going though the interactive firebase init I needed to say no to overwriting index.html, not yes. Yes meant that Firebase inserted their default index.html. Also, there was a line of code in store.js for the Redux dev tools. That had to go because the site wouldn't load on any browser without the extension installed.

I am relieved to be finished and proud of myself for sticking to it.

Now, I'm doing a course that's a completely different pace. It's on Frontend Masters and I love it. It's the perfect mix of explaining the why of things and doing the things. I like to know what is behind the code I'm writing. I've already learned a lot and picked up some tricks with VSCode.


My github repo: https://github.com/prophen/complete-intro-to-react-v5

Early morning about this time yesterday, I also got my first lesson on GraphQL on https://egghead.io. I knew nothing about it and was intimidated. But once I saw what it was, I was so excited to play with it. It's a query language that's written in JSON and returns JSON. Very cool. I learned SQL way back in the day and the NoSQL languages are just so cool to me. I like modern web development. It's a whole different world from what I learned back in 2007.