Today was a lot. It was a lot in ways that had nothing to do with coding. People really stepped up and showed support for me today on Twitter. I was not sure I'd make it Raleigh, NC for All Things Open. Now I have a flight booked and a PayPal transfer on the way to the bank to help with expenses.

For my hour of code I tried setting up WebMentions on this blog. I don't completely understand how they work and I don't have that part done. I will look again with fresh eyes tomorrow.

Also, I got back into the social ape React app. For some reason, my page is refreshing non stop so I need to figure out where I went wrong. Again, it won't be tonight. I need sleep and rest right now.

I lost time to a scam call today. I want to write more about what happened but long story short, I went along with instructions that I knew made no sense for way too long. It made me realize how easy it is to get people to do things once you have established authority with them. I believed they were calling from Apple and I went against my common sense and did things I knew better than to do.

I got GOT today. I handed over control of my laptop to these people. I honestly think no harm was done and I was able to disconnect from them before they did anything bad to my computer. The funny part is my kids said they suspected I was being scammed. There's a whole genre of YouTube videos that they watch about this.