Yesterday was disappointing but today made up for it. Somewhere along the line, I broke the code. I was close to giving up but also felt invested in finishing this project. I'm about halfway through the 12-hour course.

login flow

It's so satisfying to fix these breaking changes and get back on track. I live for these moments on my coding journey. They make up for the hard frustrating times when nothing seems to work. They make coding fun.

I'm pretty proud of myself for realizing that I was grasping and flailing and deciding to sleep on it instead of banging my head against the wall. It's easy to get into panic mode and to start changing random things just hoping to get it working again. I easily fall into that trap and it wastes time. It makes a mess of things.

The last feature I implemented and pushed was the login page. It's really cool to see how the backend and frontend connect. I get to see the result of all of that data validation and error checking.