I'm following this LinkedIn Learning course titled Kubernetes: Continuous Delivery with Spinnaker

Configure an AKS environment with 3 nodes

You need an Azure subscription and the Azure-CLI to follow along. I started a subscription using their free tier.

I've had to venture outside of the tutorials and I'm not sure if I'll end up with a functioning Spinnaker installation because I'm starting off with fewer cores than what is recommended.

az aks create \
    --resource-group aksresgrp \
    --name akscluster \
    --node-count 3 \

I had to change --node-count 3 to 2 because of free-tier limits.

Installing Helm

helm init --service-account=tiller

I got an error because Helm wasn't installed. I'm using MacOS and I first installed Helm using homebrew. That installed Helm 3. Helm 3 isn't the version these tutorials use. When I re-ran the command, I still got an error. I had to google. Helm 3 removed tiller support.

I found this resource that showed me exactly how to install Helm 2.

It's a one-liner: curl -L https://git.io/get_helm.sh | bash

Once Helm was installed I was able to move forward with the rest of the video.

I wasn't in the example folder when I started the course. I decided to scrap the work I did yesterday and start correctly.

Now I'm starting in the right place. I also upgraded my Azure subscription so that I can create the AKS environment with 3 nodes.

screenshot of error in terminal